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About enterprise Zavod metallokonstrukcij, OAO

Primary activity of the LLC ZMK enterprise - a vessel construction, ship repair in volume of the next survey of vessels, production of deck mechanisms. At the moment the enterprise makes construction, a complete set and repair of vessels with a dock weight up to 400 tons and up to 40 m long. Construction and repair of vessels is carried out under the supervision of sea and river registers for what the enterprise has the corresponding recognitions.

The list of products and company services is very various:

- harvesting vessels
The enterprise is headed by the CEO. The block diagram of the enterprise contains: 3 subsidiaries, 11 divisions with a total number of 132 people: ITR - 19 people, workers and employees - the 113th persons. The number of the workers occupied in the sphere of the main production makes 94 people. Each structural division is headed by the technical officers having long length of service in the specialty. The main structure of ITR has the higher education. Technical services of the enterprise (technical department 4 people and Quality Department - 4 people) are completed by experts with the higher engineering education. In structure of the enterprise there are following sites completed with qualified specialists. - Case and welding site. - Mechanical site. - Electrosite. - Woodworking site.
Workers of the main specialties have secondary technical education and qualification of 3-6 categories. The enterprise has the following technological base: - Building slip places of horizontal part 546 sq.m; - quay 108 m long; - cranes; - factory constructions; Factory constructions include: - case and welding site of 1560 sq.m; - mechanical site of 450 sq.m;
The first subsidiary is In Chelyabinsk region, the city of Chelyabinsk. The occupied space: 4500 m3 shop, 3 Hectares of the territory for the parking of finished goods.
The second subsidiary is in Kazakhstan, the city of Kostonay. The occupied space of shop 4000 of m3 and 1 Hectare of the territory for the parking of finished goods.
We make production in the close region to the Customer for reduction of transport expenses.

Other information

TypeProduction,Trade,Online Shop
Year of registration1996
Employeesfrom 50 below 100
Registered Capitalbelow 50 mil USD
Legal form of organizationОбщество с ограниченной ответственностью
MarketAfrica, Western Europe
Factory sizebelow 100000 sq.m.
Number of production lines 7


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