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Construction of buildings and constructions, metalwork
Mounting of a metalwork is considered today one of the most demanded types of construction as it differs in profitability and does not demand big time expenditure. Besides, a modern metalwork is allocated with high consumer characteristics which treats: High degree of durability that excludes...
Group: Building construction
Scrap metal of HMS 1, 2 of 80% of 20% - rails, cars and so forth.
I will buy scrap metal of HMS 1, 2 of 80% of 20% of 5000 tons and more.On threw the used rails, scrap of ferrous metals, cars, trains, barges, the tanker, zemnsrayada, the ships, harvesting vessels, etc.Contractual price.Info by phone +7-900-22 99 990
Group: Acceptance of scrap metal
The plant of the Metalwork makes and sells:Dredges; 360/22, 400/20, 400/40, 800/40, 1400/40, 1600/25, 2000/63, 2750/75, 3500/50, 4000/63, 7000/75. And also on individual projects.Harvesting vessels; SMB-40, SMB, BPM, BPM-74M, PTS-EKO, the Seiner – the trawler "AHTARETs", PTS "MORGEO". and...
Group: Production of turnkey plants
Construction of buildings, metalwork
Construction of industrial buildings and constructions, hangars, houses, shops, hypermarkets - a metalwork.Extensive experience and more than 10 years of successful work.Construction in time with provision of a guarantee.Turnkey production, with internal finishing and communications.
Group: Construction of hangars
Buildings, constructions, framework metal construction
We build industrial constructions. Buildings, sleeping cases, change houses, HUNDRED, and other.The fast-built buildings from a metalwork and a sandwich panels proved as reliable, strong, multifunction and economic solutions for warehouse and production needs for a long time.Primary benefits of the...
Group: Building of quickly assembled buildings
Lease of space and capacities of plant
The solution of a question of selection of floor spaces, especially for the beginning businessman developing or mastering new activity of the enterprise is an urgent need. Rent of the industrial areas will help to solve the majority of problems of placement of the equipment, work and to...
Group: Lease of industrial premises
Production of change houses, Krasnodar
The enterprise takes orders for production of change houses, complexes, working rooms, country houses, shops of any complexity, modification, planning. Cost - 5200 rubles of 1 sq.m. Cost included internal and external finishing, and also conducting, a door, a metalplastic window...
Group: Manufacturing of stalls
Dredges available and N order
We take orders for production of dredges. Dredges such as: LS27, AHTARETs, ZSK, Zems 360/22 400/20 (400/40) 800/40 1400/40 1600/25 2000/75 2650/63 3500/50 4000/50 5000DF Dredges both electric and diesel. Hydraulic washing-out, milling, cherpakovy, deep. The lowest prices across Russia!!! You will...
Group: Development of machines and equipment for agricultural machinery construction
The dredge with a productivity 250m3/hour on soil
We take orders on production of the Dredge with a productive power of 250 m3 an hour. The ZSK-215PN dredge with a productive power of 175-250 m3 an hour on dry soil. I will sell or will make to order. The dredge is electric, but it can be completed with diesel power plant. Characteristics...
Group: Repair of special equipment
Covering plastic dredge pontoons
Protection of the case of pontoons of the dredge against corrosion and acid environment. Protection of pontoons is reached at the expense of a case covering by plastic. Zarakteristiki Thickness of a platsik 3,5-4mm. Three layers of fiber glass fabric or steklomat. The weight of 1 m3 - 3 kg. ...
Group: Hull repair
Construction of boring platforms.
We take orders for construction of self-lifting sea platforms. Self-lifting platforms, their appointment and scope of application. Self-lifting platforms — the special kind of equipment intended for carrying out geological researches and construction works in the water area of various reservoirs....
Group: Construction of drilling platforms
Rent of the dredge
I will lease the dredge 360/22. The dredge is new. Productivity is 36 m3 per hour. The dredge can work 20 hours a day. Total: 20*36=720m3 in days. Depth of development is up to 8 meters. In a set of 40 meters of a shore discharge pipe; 20 m, coastal and 20 m, plav. The dredge without personnel, but...
Group: Services of dredger
Rent of the dredge
We employ orders of the dredge. Rent of the dredge is possible as with personnel, diz fuel, a shore discharge pipe, the bulldozer, the truck crane, and without. Productivity of rent dredges 400-3000m3 per hour. Depth of development of dredges of 2-15 meters. Range of transportation of soil on a...
Group: Services of dredger
Dredge Akhtarets 3000
We take orders for construction of powerful dredges, type, Akhtarets 3000. Productivity is 3000 m3 an hour on a pulp or 300 m3 an hour on dry soil. Range of transportation on a pulp of 1000 meters. Development depth - to 15 meters. The weight of the dredge is more than 40 tons. For obtaining more...
Group: Mechanical engineering
Repair of Vessels
Repair of vessels. Yachts, boats, boats, barges, ships etc. According to "Certificate." "ZMK" has an opportunity to carry out qualitatively and at a due technological level the following works: - fault detection and repair of vessels; - check and tests of individual saving means; - development of...
Group: Marine and river construction works


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